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Goodbye 2016 / Hello 2017!

Goodbye 2016! I am so glad it is done and over with. It was truly a rough year in so many aspects for me and my family. Which is why it has been quiet on my end for so long.

Before I begin explaining my past year and what I am looking forward to this year, I would like to make something known about my philosophy in life. I believe in being open in all aspects of my life. I do this because it helps keep me grounded. It reminds me that we are all human beings and just like any other human being, I have flaws. Knowing my flaws draws me to want to do better with my life and be a good example for my children. With that being said, I can begin to explain my past year's journey.

I am not entirely sure how to begin to explain my year, it was all a great blur. It began on good terms, then tragedy and faced with great determination. With a blink of an eye, everything crumbled to pieces but those pieces slowly came back together.

Experiencing grief always makes people re-examine their life's priorities. In January of 2016, our family experienced a great loss, my cousin and her unborn daughter from a brain aneurysm.

As short as my cousin's life was, she lived it to the fullest with all the love she could give to her husband, children, family and friends. She showed unconditional love and patience in all aspects of her life. She gave what she could to those who needed it.

Going through this loss made me truly examine my life. How I was living it. How I was raising my children. How my marriage was going. And the direction of my career.

When the dust settled, I dove into work. Lined up my projects that I wanted to work on. Revamped my company to better showcase my capabilities. As luck would have it, my health took a huge dive.

I kept pushing to work more but my body fought against it. In July, I finally had to stop completely. When that decision was made, I felt like my world came to a complete stop.

Over nine years ago I developed a back condition of bulging discs and stenosis. I was able to control the pain through physical therapy and adjustments. Until one day it was no longer effective.

In July of 2016, the pain was slowly becoming unbearable. Through the months, the pain medication stopped working and surgery was decided upon since that was my last resort.

On Halloween of 2016, I had my back surgery. It is the day I consider to be the big change, new direction and life saver. It is a day I will never forget. My surgical team saw the fear in my eyes as I was being wheeled in and they sympathized with me. Moments later I was out...

Now that time has passed and I am about 98% fully recovered, I turn my eyes to ambitions. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to create something that inspire others to make a difference. Which is why this year I plan to move forward with my projects

This year, my dreams carry me to many places. I was always told to follow my dreams but for some reason I pull away. Mostly out of fear of rejection. I must push aside my fears and take a leap of faith.

Who knew that my leap of faith would take me to a new home, in a new town, let alone in another state! With that move, I expand my business with a little restructuring. I am now going to be a traveling photographer.

I want to see the world and show what I see through my camera. My daughter re-inspired me by saying, "The reason why I want to become a photographer is because when I watch you photograph someone or even a moment, you really show the emotion that was felt at that time."

That is what I am going to continue to do... Be on the look out of my projects and how they develop into something meaningful.

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