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Creating images that are unique is a challenge that all photographers face. We all want to create something that make us stand out. This is where collaborations come into play!

A friend of mine, who is an actress, singer, MUA and set designer, came to me and asked if I was willing to do a free maternity photo session for a gorgeous mother to be. I quickly became intrigued when she presented the concept to me. Cosplay of pregnant Zelena from Once Upon A Time!

Ok, truth be told, I LOVE THAT SHOW! And what's even better, I LOVE cosplay! So I took it and ran with it.!

When all was said and done, I went through all the images and I fell in love with this shot!

Photo by Vanessa, Concept, hair and Make-up by Ghislaine Sopher-Phillips

She was absolutely radiant during the photo shoot. I think she felt beautiful and sexy. She truly embraced her curves. She was delightfully giddy on knowing she was having a little girl!

This photo session created a bond between her and I. I was given the privilege to photograph her new born daughter, later a breastfeeding photo session and then family photos!

I say privilege because photographing someone or an important event is truly an intimate thing to me. I am being entrusted with capturing either their best side or momentous stepping stone. Even though I am given their vision, I am still their story teller.

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