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Season of Changes

As I am preparing for the Fall season, it seems life will still go on. I am left to wonder how to proceed forward knowing that at a moment’s notice, things will change. Do I push hard with my work and break away harshly if need be? Or leave enough space in my schedule for the just in case?

You always hear the phrase “life happens when you are making plans”. It is extremely hard for me to plan when I know life is happening.

From my children’s activities with school to ailing grandparents on both my husband and I’s side in California, there is so much going on. And yet I need to make the time to work.

When I was a young ambitious know-it-all teenager, never did I imagine it would be this difficult to balance life. I dreamt of a perfect life. Find someone to share my life with, a career that I love and having beautiful children. Be able to watch my children grow and do wonderful things. However, I forgot one small but very big detail, mortality.

Each moment could be the last moment. Which is why it is always crucial to me to photograph everything that goes on in our lives. I use my professional camera, phone camera and even a polaroid to capture moments we spend together. A memory that can be reflected on so easily.

So with each season, there will be changes. Capture those phases and they will be treasured for generations to come.

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