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Project Legends

These photos came from one of the largest photo shoots I have ever done. It challenged me and pushed my limits and the results to me were phenomenal. To be honest, I am in awe of my own capabilities.

You see, I have always been hard and very critical of my work. Feeling like I will never amount to anything in what I do. But that’s all the negative that has once surrounded me throughout my life starting from childhood.

Come back to now and seeing all that I have done and been privileged to being part of some phenomenal projects like Project Legends.

Project Legends came to life about a year ago. At first it was just a photo shoot concept. But the wheels were turning with the creator’s mind on how to utilize these photos for good exposure and that is how an idea became Project Legends. A place to put focus on small businesses that give to their community.

Check out these links:

Project Legends

Smoke and Bacon App:

If you want to be involved with season 2 of Project Legends:

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