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That Time In Arizona...

This past year I have taken to traveling for work. Which is great! I get to visit with family and friends throughout the country. I get to see new and old places.

My most recent destination was in Arizona. Which is where my son resides with his father and stepmom. Being that it is my son’s senior year, I thought the desert scenery would be nice to have for his photos.

I had my plans to visit my son in Arizona last April to do his senior photos like I have done for my other children. Despite asking so many times as to where we should go that would be most picturesque, I ended up deciding on Sedona, Arizona at Red Rock.

Let me tell you, that location did not disappoint. The park ranger was very nice. She knew I came in to do a photo shoot with my son. Rules to follow like most parks, please stay on the trail. Take with you what you brought in. Which is exactly what we did.

The end results did not disappoint!

Our photo journey did not end there. I wanted to get shots of my son with his truck, which is his pride and joy. A gift passed down from his father that was passed down from his father. So, obviously, it is quite special.

This location was chosen by my son. It was close to where he resides. And perfect for the scenery.

Again, as you can see, the end results did not disappoint.

Until my next journey, which I think will be California, I’ll make sure to share!

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