Before the creation of the company, Vanessa was 16 years old when she discovered photography. With no real training, she always went on instincts and they have never been steered wrong. She prides herself on capturing “real moments”, and it was those moments that brought her photos to life. From the bonding moments of mother and child, to the welcoming home of a soldier. From the good times with friends, to the “I do’s” at the altar. The emotion she felt when her camera clicked is shown through her work. 


Vanessa takes great pride in her work and enjoys building working relationships that eventually turn into friendships. She believes that in creating these relationships, it is ensuring trust and with it, helps her clients be in their comfort zone. To her, this is vital during the photo sessions to show the subject's true self. 

  • Vanessa is punctual, professional, and one of the things I like the most was that she was looking for every details so the pictures come beautiful! I enjoyed the photo session. I just hired her services for second time in a roll. :)

Estefany Jacob

San Diego, CA

  • Beautiful results , Loved my family pictures very nice & professional | Great PackageDeal will Be Returning in 3 Months for Updated Family Pics .THANK YOU!

Tracie Wilson

San Diego, CA

Vanessa did a fabulous job with my photos and for a great price! Makes the atmosphere very natural and comfortable. Would recommend in a heartbeat!

Vanessa Garcia

San Diego, CA

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