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The Pink Feather Boa

This is an old post that I like to bring back in remembrance for those who lost their battle to Breast Cancer. And to bring to light for those fighting this battle.

February 22, 2011

In all the years of being a photographer, I have never been brought to tears. We recently started a Groupon deal with a salon. To our great surprise, a GREAT SUCCESS! But one of the buyers was in a time bind. She called and asked if she could schedule an appointment the day it started. She gave me a story about how she was going the next day to have her left breast removed. Me being skeptical decided to ride this one out and say yes.

When I arrived to the salon to fix up my mini studio, the girls were talking about their concern if this woman could be scamming us. I told them either way, I am not worried.

The woman arrived in her hat, and I immediately knew she was telling me the truth. She was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and after a year of chemotherapy, more lumps grew. Everything happened so fast for her, and she finally decide to be brave on the last minute and have her photos taken to remember how she looked with her breast.

During the session, she showed me her scars. All the while talking about all the things she went through. I concluded that she was a brave woman with a positive attitude.

At the end of our session, she asked to do one last photo. She wanted one with a pink feather boa wrapped underneath her breast. I took 2 shots, but the last one I knew IMMEDIATELY it was the one. The photo was the epitome of my company's name. Her photo was telling a story of her brave journey and showing no fear. And with that thought, I had to step out. It brought me to tears. I will never forget her.

Three years later, she lost her battle to breast cancer. She made the most of her time with her family and friends.

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